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group instructionI started this company in 1991 primarily as a individual instructioncomputer education company.  Hence, the name “Computer Coach” and the slogan “Get a Personal Trainer For Your Computer”.  A lot has changed since then, and we’ve grown with the times.  These days we pretty much do it all:  Building, repairing and networking computers, connecting wireless devices and telephone systems and working with PCs, Macs, tablets and phones.  Even home theatre.  But regardless of whether we have sold you a computer, repaired one which you already own, networked or cabled your system or set up your printers, scanners or other peripherals, our mission has always been to make it easier and faster to use your computer system, saving you time and money.  That often requires software customization and training.

While my technicians may perform some aspects of your work on our behalf, I pretty much cover the training myself.  I enjoy it and I’m good at it.  Over the years, I’ve taught large audiences  as well as small groups in offices and lots of individuals, from 10 to 96 years old.  All of them, without exception, have been completely satisfied, many even ecstatic. (You can see some of these folks on the References page of this site.)

Why? Primarily because I listen to you.  You can tell me anything and everything you require.  Take as long as you need.  I won’t interrupt you.

After that, I’ll check your computer or system to determine if you can actually do what you want and, if not, what you may need to do it.  I might suggest, from experience, a better or different way to accomplish what you want, but I never insist. 

I’ll set up your computer with shortcuts and icons to make things easier for you to find, then test the solution, to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to.  Then, I’ll run through the steps in front of you, explaining what I’m doing.

Only after that will I step back and put you in the driver’s seat, then watch you follow the same steps.  You can go through the process as many times as you like, asking any questions along the way, until you feel comfortable.

If you really have a problem remembering the steps, possibly because we have covered many unrelated items, I’ll be glad to create a permanent set of instructions either on-site or which I will e-mail you later. (I’ve had some clients that have over 50 pages of “Coach’s Playbook” instruction pages in a three-ring binder).

For offices and small groups, very often it’s necessary to install and configure the commercial software (e.g. Quickbooks, Excel, Easy Dental) and then instruct individuals or a small group about its usage.  In those cases, it’s likely desirable to produce a manual so that changes in personnel don’t disrupt computer operations.  I also prepare and institute disaster recovery plans (power outages, hurricanes, etc.), storage plans (on-site, off-site, NAS, etc.) and security studies (prevent internal theft or external intrusion) for business when desired, each of which requires policies and procedures, as well as instructions in their use.

I started my career in Washington, D.C., explaining technology and science to senators and congressmen, judges and military, corporate officers and accountants.  I developed a succinct and easy method of explaining complex technological, business and accounting matters in a way that most people can grasp while not becoming bored to tears.  That ability has become my best asset in the computer instruction field.  Through careful wording, analogies, examples and feedback, I’m usually to establish a common denominator with clients and speak to them on their own level.  If you scroll through some of the examples on this website, you’ll get the idea.

I’ve trained people in the absolute basics of turning a computer on and off, all the way to a solid two weeks of instruction for Microsoft Office.  I specialize in accounting programs such as Quicken and Quickbooks, to Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.  I’ve taught people how to download photos from a digital camera or scanner to how to edit them using Photoshop.  I’ve instructed the operation of many versions of Windows, and also DOS and Linux operating systems.  I’ve instructed about how to use eBay, surf the web and send e-mail. I’ve worked with business proprietary programs such as Medical Manager, Easy Dental, CNC routers, supermarket digital scales and point-of-sale register programs.  Over time, I’ve seen a lot.  If you come up with a program I’m not familiar with, I’ll learn it on my dime, then instruct you about it.

My instruction clients have included doctors, lawyers, dentists, corporate executives, manufacturers, construction companies, people who want to have better skills to get a new job, teachers, nurses, medical transcriptionists, retirees who just are intellectually curious, students who want job skills or are preparing for college, people who want to know how to compile DVDs of family photos and information, musicians, all kinds of folks of every age and description.

If any of the above sounds like it fits your needs, please call us to set up an appointment and we can explore how we can assist you....

Joe Kelly, Owner


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