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In this age of constant advertising, almost anything goes.  We’re so bombarded with ads that proclaim to be the best, the fastest and the most honorable (by whom? themselves?) that the language has become virtually meaningless, largely ignored by prospective clients. 

Therefore, we submit that you shouldn’t listen just to us, but to our clients, about their actual satisfaction with our service.  What about comments from dissatisfied clients?  Sorry, we don’t have any.  This isn’t to say that we’re perfect, just that any issues are solved way before they can affect the consultant-client relationship.

The following are COMPLETELY UNSOLICITED references from our clients.  We didn’t ask for them.  We didn’t ghost write them.  Really.  [Hard copies are available for almost all of these references.]  We are proud of our close relationships with both personal and business clientele and it is most gratifying to share these references with you:



I so appreciate your computer skills, and taking time to LISTEN and get my computer just how I like it!!! You’re terrific!  Many thanks, Joe.


Thanks so much for your advice...I have a very high regard for your ability and contribute much to my life and I really appreciate it...


We waited for two seasons just to make sure you stayed in business, and we’re so glad we did!  You are courteous, professional, on-time and reasonable.  What a pleasure!


Great are a joy to talk to...Thanks, as always, Joe.


Finally, someone who I can understand... such a pleasure.  Other consultants should take a course from you...


Joe...You delivered what you promised.  Thanks.


I’ve been wanting to call you for the past couple of weeks to tell you how gratified & thankful I am for the job you did on my computer. I can’t believe it, it’s so fast, even my e-mail…your service was great and I really appreciate it …I’m telling my friends…


Awesome!  [Website changes]


Awesome work...fully satisfied with the work and the charges...I always pray when [I am assigned] to get someone to do work like prayers were answered this time.


[About this web site]  The front page is perfect...The glossary is just’s better than ever and I’ve never seen anything like it...The link to the Internet Society about the hx. of the Internet is fabulous.  Joe, its just the greatest computer website for the lay public ever created.


Yes, Yes, Yes!  My Honey is running like a Top, thanks to you...Thanks, Joe for being a friend indeed.


Thanks for helping me, it means a lot...calling the perfect person [with] the extra caring, time, attention to someone in need.


My editor and I are in heaven [now].


You were out here the other day setting up my computer system.  You drilled a nice hole in my desk for me.  I just wanted to thank you, you did a beautiful job.  So just calling to say thanks.  It was nice meeting you, a real pleasure.  Call me.


You’re a genius...thanks a lot!!

K.S. did a fantastic job setting up our computer.  We are now all fighting over who gets to use it!!! Thank you again for all your help and professionalism...


Thank you.  I followed your instructions and everything worked precisely as you had suggested.  The control was in the computer and easily found with your instructions.  I am most appreciative.

You have made my day.


I cannot thank you enough for your help.  THANK YOU!!!


I thank God that I met you.  Your advice immediately saved me $200 that I was going to be charged.  Thank you so much for listening to me.


I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the computer you built and delivered to me.  It has met or exceeded my expectations and everything I asked you to provide and I am very, very satisfied.


Thanks for the [instruction].  I really love the iPad.  It was made for me.


[Joe] was knowledgeable, quick and did a great job.  I would highly recommend him for any computer issue.

Tim W.

I appreciate all the time you put into helping [me]...You did more than anybody would have done.  Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and tell you how much I am thankful to you for your patience...

L. A.

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