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DISCLAIMER:  Remember what Mark Twain said: ”There are three types of lies; Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.”   ‘Nuff said.

windows xp chart 1


Drop in desktop and laptop PC sales projected in 2014; it was down over 5% in 2013; ALSO PROJECTED: Decline in tablet sales to replace laptops, though overall tablet sales will still be still strong.

DATA: Gartner (2014)

The lowest yearly decline in PC sales since 2012.  And tablet sales declined as well.


DATA: IDC 7/2014

The amount of total U.S. web activity consumed by Netflix during prime time; ADD YOUTUBE, IT’S 50%!!

Amazon 1.6%, FaceBook & Hulu 1.3% each, BitTorrent 4%.



Percentage of malware delivered from fake antivirus software from over 11,000 domains

DATA: Google Survey 5/2010

Number of years that Apple has scored a higher customer satisfaction rating than PCs - but this was the first year that general consumer computer satisfaction didn’t rise at all.


Every 22 minutes, a hard drive crashes.

DATA: AnyProtect (2014)

Number of internet viruses that AVG claims are created EVERY DAY!

DATA: 10/09 AVG Installer

Percentage of Americans between 13 & 64 who say they never get good sleep on weeknights. Why? Drs report that the artificial light on laptops & cellphones in low-light scenarios impedes release of melatonin and increases alertness, making sleep difficult.

DATA:2011 National Sleep Foundation

Web users who have been harassed online (email, gaming, dating, discussion sites

DATA: Pew (2014)

Percentage of all e-mail traffic that is spam during 9/08; in 10/08 it was 89.8%

DATA:  MG Logic

The amount of time it took Kindle e-books to overtake Amazon’s sales of print books.  But this is only sales on Amazon, and not other e-book readers.  Overall e-books may be about 20% of total book sales.

DATA:  CNN 5/19/11

Windows share of all operating systems; Apple has 5%, Linux the rest

DATA:  2012 Net Applications

That’s 9 Terabytes - This is the amount of storage predicted for the average home by 2013

Increase in laptop thefts over the past 2 yrs - 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen in U.S. airports every week

DATA:  ”Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics 2008”, Coughlin Associates:

DATA:  FBI Nat’l Crime Info Center; Ponemon Institute 12/08

The percentage of Americans who have bought goods and services advertised by spam.  Of that 60% is men’s health (Viagra).

DATA:  U. of Cal., San Diego 2011

Percent of Internet Users who have taken some steps to avoid online tracking.  But 60% think real protection is impossible.

DATA: Pew Research Center 2014




Percentage of Americans who say they’d be willing to implant a device in their brain allowing them to use the internet.

DATA: Zogby Int’l 11/9/07

Percentage of people who make tech support calls who swear at the tech; Another 21% wind up screaming!

DATA:  Steve Croft, 60 Minutes (2008)

Percentage of college students that think it is legal to share music purchased on line or by CD with others: NOT!

DATA:  informationweek,.com 1/28/08

Number of discreet thoughts most human brains can entertain at once.  Multitaskers take note!

DATA:  University of Oregon study in Psychological Science

The age at which 28% of people think children should get their first cell phone

DATA:  Retrevo’s Gadgetology Report 2010

The percentage of Americans who think that our president should have an Internet Kill switch in the event ot terrorist attack

DATA:  Unisys Security 2010



Percentage of frequent business travelers that would choose an airline based on whether Wi-Fi was offered in-flight; meals came in second at only 71%

DATA: Wakefield Research 9/09

Percentage of U.S. buyers who have left an online transaction because of poor service delivery by the brand

DATA:2016 Amex

Percentage of business that suffer significant data losses that go out of business.

DATA: U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, through Processor Vol 30 No. 3

Number of positive experiences needed to balance out one negative experience with a sale

DATA: Ruby Newell-Legner, “Understanding Customers”

Percentage of U.S. companies which have experienced a data breach in 2014, up 10% from 2013

DATA:  2014 Ponemon study

Number of U.S. customers willing to pay more for exceptional customer service

DATA: 2016 Amex survey

Percentage of U.S. small businesses which experienced a data breach in 2015

DATA: Sophos

Number of businesses having at least one Mac system in-house vs. 47% only 2 yrs ago; 21% have more than 50 Macs

DATA:  Yankee Group

Percentage increase of overall video chat used by businesses over last year; also document sharing increased 55% & web conferencing up 52%

DATA:  Forrester Research Survey sponsored by Cisco 11.2010

News of bad customer service reach twice as many people as reports of good customer service

DATA: 2016 White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Percentage of buyers who believe that great customer service makes a brand noteworthy; 38% believe it is personalization

DATA: 2016 Genesys Global Survey



Percentage of U.S. Human Resource professionals who have rejected employment based on information found online

DATA: Microsoft Survey 1/2010

Percentage of job seekers who believe that personal details purlished on line have any impact on their job prospects

DATA: Microsoft Survey 1/2010

Percentage of employers which monitor employees’ website visits

DATA: 2007 Amer Mgt Assn Survey

Percentage of employers which    monitor employees’      e-mail

DATA: 2007 Amer Mgt Assn Survey

Percentage of employers which have fired employees for email misuse

DATA: 2007 Amer Mgt Assn Survey


Percentage of women who would rather go without sex for 2 weeks than go without Internet access (vice 30% of men)

DATA:  Harris Interactive, 2010

Percentage of Americans who would give up sex for a week over giving up their cell phone - 70% of respondents were women

DATA:  Telnav, 2011

Percentage of Americans who say the Internet can serve as a substitute for spouse or significant other.

DATA:Zogby Int’l 11/9/07

Percentage of teens who have admitted to sexting - 25% admit to sending nude photos

DATA:  MTV/AP 2010 Digital Abuse Study

Percentage of U.S. students that said they had sent or received sexually explicit imates, double the rate from five years earlier

DATA:  2014 National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy

Percentage of iPhone users who admit to watching adult material on their phones (Blackbery users admit to 10%)

DATA:  Retrevo’s Gadgetology Report 2010

Percentage of people who would rather travel with their mobile device rather than their loved one.

DATA:  2016 Mobile Travel Tracker study of 9200 travelers across 31 countries

Percentage of People who would willingly suspend sex to check an electronic message or take a call on their cell

DATA:  Retrevo’s Gadgetology Report 2010

Percentage of iPhone users who have dumped someone by text or email

DATA:  Retrevo’s Gadgetology Report 2010

Percentage of Americans who would give up sex for 1 yr in exchange for a lifetime of cybersecurity

DATA:  2016 Harris Poll for Dashlane

See below for updates...

Teens who sext who are FOUR TIMES more likely to consider suicide

DATA:  MTV/AP 2010 Digital Abuse Study

Percentage of Germans in their 20s who would rather do without their significant others than give up the internet.  They say you can always find another man or woman, but life without the Web is unthinkable.

DATA:  The Week 3/13/09 p.6

More than half of teenagers sext, 30% included photos, 61% didn’t know it could be child pornography

DATA:  2014 Drexel U. Study

Think it would be worse if lifelike robots become  primary caregivers for elderly and people in poor health

DATA:  CNN 4/16/14, Americans Wary of Futuristic Science, Tech

Think it would be a change for the worse if most people wear implants of other devices to constantly show them information about the world around them

Percentage of people who would not get a brain implant to improve their memory or mental capacity

Think it would be a change for the worse if parents could alter the DNA of their unborn children

Percent of Millennials who would rather lose their car than their mobile phone

DATA:  Zipcar, 2014

The number of Facebook users, now one of every seven people on the planet

DATA: CNN 10/5/12

FACEBOOK FATIGUE:  Users in US who plan to spend less time on site in 2013; another 61% have already taken a break for several weeks or more

The average number of friends per Facebook user.

DATA: CNN 2014

Percentage of heads of household in the U.S. who have never sent an e-mail; 50% of those older than 65; 56% having no formal education past high school

Percentage of U.S. households that don’t have internet access. Harris: 81% of American adults use the Internet; 48% as the primary source for news.

DATA: Pew Research 1/13

Percentage of workers classified as “hyperconnected”, using at least 7 devices and 9 applications such as IM or text messaging; 38% would take their cell if leaving the home for more than 24 hrs., vice 30% their wallet.

Percentage of GenY employees (ages 18 - 24) who engage in online activities at work that put a business infrastructure at risk (mobile phones 39%; social networking sites 28%; IM 27%; open source 19%; online apps 12%; online shopping 40%

Percentage of baby boomers (over 55) who are more likely to get into workplace social networking; only 40
% of gen Y (15 - 28) or Gen X (28 - 49)

DATA:  Forrester Research Survey sponsored by Cisco 11.2010

DATA: Park Assoc. phone survey, Processor Vol. 30, No. 22 (5/30/08)

DATA: 12/1/08

Average number of text messages per month sent and received by American teenagers in the 4th qtr 2008 - double one year earlier.

DATA:  Neilson Co.

Percentage of US companies prohibiting employees from visiting social networking sites during work.

DATA:  Robert Half Technology 2009

Number of houses worldwide 2009 which have broadband internet access, 422 million

DATA:  Gartner Co.

Percentage decrease in Bluetooth headset use - 43% in 2008; 26% in 2009

With all the talk about texting while driving, does this make sense?

DATA:  Strategy Analytics (Reported in Smart Computing 11.11.09 Facts)

Percentage of all US adults using S/N, up from just 5% only 6 yrs ago - baby boomers are 32% of the group

DATA:  Pew Research Center 2011

Percentage of those who download an iPhone app who are still using it 30 days later

DATA: 2008 Pinch Media study

Percentage of users who either uninstalled or failed to install an app over privacy concerns

DATA: 2010 Pew Research

Percentage of U.S. adults who have at least one social networking account

DATA: Q1 2010 Consumer Confidence Surveyy

Percentage decrease in emailing by teenagers in 2010; 18% in 25-44; 12% in 45-54; but it was up in 55-64 by 22%

DATA: ComScore 2010

Percentage of Facebook  users signed on in any given day

DATA: Windows Secrets 2011

Percentage of Americans who think Facebook will fade away as new platforms come along

DATA:  2012 AP/CNBC Survey


DATA: 2014 Pew Research Survey commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

Percentage who knew that Mosaic was the first graphic web browser

Percentage who knew that the WWW and the Internet are not the same

Percentage who can define Net Neutrality

Much more likely to know about Twitter, FaceBook, URLs, hashtags, captcha, etc.

Of 938.4 million registered user accounts, only 697 million use it in any given month

DATA: Twopcharts, 2014


Percentage of tweets which come from mobile devices

DATA: Fortune, 5/2011

Percentage of Twitter accounts based outside of the U.S.

DATA: Fortune, 5/2011

Percentage of users generating 90% of tweets

DATA: Fortune, 5/2011

Percentage of those who have Twitter accounts who are no longer active

DATA: Fortune, 5/2011

Of 938.4 million registered user accounts, only 697 million use it in any given month

DATA: Twopcharts, 2014






Growth in billions, by years



Number of new strains of malicious code targeted at smartphones in 2010 (double 2009)

DATA: Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor for F-Secure

Percentage of American adults who own smart phones - 83% have cell phones

DATA: Pew Internet Project 2011

Avg # of photos on adult smartphones (vs. ages 18-24 = 621 photos)

DATA: CVS Survey 2016

Increase in smart phone  sales in 4th Qtr 2010 - Noki, RIM, Apple & Samsung led the pack


Percentage of smart phone owners who use their phone to access Internet & email; 68% on a daily basis

DATA: Pew Internet Project 2011

Percentage of American adults who were unable to unplug from their digital devices while on vacation despite intentions

DATA: Intel Security Survey 2016

Increase in mobile malware in 4th Qtr 2010

DATA: McAfee

Percentage of smart phone users who use them to access the Internet rather than through their computers

DATA: Pew Internet Project 2011

Percentage of Android O/S market 2010; next was Symbian at 30.6%, then Apple IOS at 16%, and Blackberry at 14.4%, last Windows Phone 7 at 3.1%

DATA: Canalys


NOKIA 22.8%                      SAMSUNG 16.3%                 LG 5.7%                              APPLE  4.6%                      ZTE  3%                              RIM  3%


Percentage of workers who chose smart phones as their mobile device of choice, vice 20% for tablets and 28% for laptops

DATA: Mobile Workforce Report, iPass (March, 2011)


ANDROID  43.4%              SYMBIAN  16.3%                iOS  18.2%                        RIM  11.7%                        BADA  1.9%                      MICROSOFT  1.6%



Parents who have knowingly texted their teens while their teen was driving; 29% expecting a response before they reached their destination.

DATA: Liberty Mutual Ins. /Students Against Destructive Decisions, 2016

2013 Cell phone data

I’M on smartphone too much vs. OTHERS are on their smartphones too much

Number of times texting drivers are more likely to get into an accident than non-texters

Percentage of adults who have texted while driving

Percentage of teens (ages 15 - 19) who have texted while driving

DATA:  AT&T 2012

DATA:  AT&T 2012


DATA: 2016 Bank of America Mobility Report1

NOTE:  National Distracted Driver Month begins on April 8th

In the U.S. market, the iPhone 5 was the top selling smartphone at AT&T/Verizon/Sprint in 2012, but that doesn’t mean that Apple’s customers were the most satisfied.  From CNN (3/5/13):




smartphone satisfaction

December, 2011

January, 2012

Percentage of Americans owning at least one digital reading device

Percentage of the app market controlled by Android vs. 31% by Apple.  Why? Apple’s shipment growth is only 9% compared to Android’s 36%

DATA:BW 1/30/12

DATA: ABI Research, Nov. 2011

Telnav study 2011

In fact, RootMetrics, a company that tests mobile network performance, did a survey in 77 cities and found (2013) that AT&T had the fastest LTE network, while Verizon had the largest network.

In a special issue of Time magazine published on 8/27/12 (Vol 180, No. 9) devoted to wireless, the magazine reported the results of a global survey which it took to determine the extent that wireless devices changed the world.  Some of the findings were as follows:

  • 76% of Americans felt wireless devices to be more helpful than not.  Internationally, this was the lowest helpfulness rating.
  • Only 18% of Americans felt the need to have the latest technology (Apple users, no doubt).  Only the U.K., at 17% had a lower percentage.  India had the highest, at 57%. [India rated the highest on just about every techology issue]
  • 29% of respondents said they feared society places too much emphasis on technology.
  • Mobile device features most affecting our lives, in declining order:  texting, internet, camera, GPS, social networking, games.
  • 32% of U.S. users check their phones several times a day, 17% at every meal
  • 34% of U.S. users said they could go without their mobile device for only several hours; 68% sleep with their phones next to their bed
  • 63% of Americans use their mobiles while watching TV, 36% while eating at a restaurant, 37% while attending a party, 38% while playing with their children, 32% while driving their car & 8% while at a movie

This only scratches the surface of this very detailed and extensively researched issue.  It’s worth reading...




Decrease in identity theft in 2010, but out-of-pocket damages increased by 68%

Decrease in cyber crime complaints in 2010

DATA: Internet Crime Complaint Center

DATA: Javelin Strategy & Research

Amount of mobile data used by Americans in 2015, double from 2014

DATA: CTIA, 2016

Percentage of customers who prefer iPad as their first choice for a tablet: second choice = HP TouchPad @ 10%

DATA: 2011 Robert W. Baird

Percentage of US adults who own tablet computers; Highest ownership is by 30 - 49 year olds, college graduates, 75K and up annual household income

DATA: Pew Research Center 2012

Tablet Sales


Percentage of breach-losses in business caused by insiders

DATA:  Bankinfosecurity, 2016

Giving up



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6/11/09:  Don’t assume that you can stop updating your Adobe Flash product  (See entry below).  The Gumblar trojan is still very much around.  Gumblar typically inserts iFrames into legitimate sites that direct browsers to the malware-laden site  Use LinkScanner or the like for protection.

Samy Kamkar, the hacker who brought MySpace to its knees in 2005 is now out from criminal probation.  And he has crafted new software that targets your home network router.  While the original Samy worm merely tagged your MySpace profile with the phrase “but most of all, Samy is my hero”, this new infection attacks routers which have not reset their password from the defaults (admin/password), enabling Samy to pinpoint your router’s physical address through Mac ID, and then conceivably either take control of your connection or load a malware payload.

We knew it would happen someday, and it finally has.  Pedophiles and others have found a way to exploit virus-infected PCs to remotely store and view their stash of child pornography without fear of getting caught.  You might not even know your computer was involved until the police knock at your door.  A number of people have been surprised this way, and have spent thousands to clear their name.  Don’t be one of them - regularly scan your computer for viruses!